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(Boston, MA 2004.) - The first website by this name was a two-page document with lists of African American communitity activities and opportunities in Black Boston. My, haven't we grown! When a site title was imagined. We took on the Online Guide to Black Boston for Visitors and Residents 311 brand. The webpages were striped with gold swirls amid black. The first site was created because the webmaster could not find a single brochure about Black Boston touristy attractions downtown on the Fanueil Hall brochure racks. With all the people going there, something had to be done about it. Millions visit that area, especially on holidays. It was a Memorial Day weekend years ago when the idea struck to do the site that could direct Black people to things like those brochure racks did. For years the site operated as a hobby, albeit an important one. It is fabric attracting questions from Bostonians. Users and readers arrived in increasing numbers. We we rewarded by visitors who signed Guest List to keep in touch. Over time, more information was added. The first two-page site morphed into a business platform comprised of many sites.

September 2019, This page is under re-construction!

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